frequently asked

 I’m often asked a lot of questions from readers and social media fans/followers. In the future, will blog about some of these items in more detail. Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers!

What is the story behind your brand? Is there a reason behind the name Array of Faces? 

I wanted to start a brand that encompasses all my loves not just fashion. In 2013, I researched blogging and wanted to start a business to blog about my life. Just as creative outlet and as a live journal in a sense. However, I was so afraid—I mean terrified and didn't know which direction to take. I dabbled in fitness, personal training etc..., because at the time I was training heavily and the gym was my second home. Then that moment hit and I said “why don't I just do it all?” Do all the things I love. Hence, came the “name” Array of Faces.

Are you a full -time blogger/content creator? 

No, I have a full-time job and work as a freelance journalist.  I currently work at FedEx Express regional office in Midtown Atlanta as an on-road manager. I have been in my current position for 15 years. I recently resigned from my job as an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix.  I taught mostly online business and management courses for the last five years.  I love, love teaching and helping students. However, my teaching had to take a backseat since I starting Array of Faces.  

Array of Faces is my passion project, so I would like to eventually focus on my brand full-time. My goal is by 2020, I will take the leap as a full-time entrepreneurial. 

Who takes your photos? How often do you shoot content?

I’m not fortunate to have a husband, BF or friend who takes my photos. I use different photographers in the city. I have two photographers who have taken 95% of my photos. When I travel, I use local photographers if I can find them. I shoot once a week, typically on Sundays. During the warmer months, I like to shoot super early in the morning to avoid the heat. However, in the fall/ winter I try shooting later in the day. When I have brand campaigns or projects, I shoot around deadlines and when my schedule permits.

What do you use to edit your IPhone photos and schedule your IG posts?

My photographers edit most of my photos. However, from time to time when I need to do small editing. My two favorites are by far Facetune and Snapseed. I also use Retouch to remove unwanted people, vehicles, a hair or two out of place or anything not pleasing to the image. I know a lot of people use Lightroom, but I haven’t personally mastered it yet. To schedule my feed, I use UNUM, PLANN and Preview apps they allow me to move images around my grid and also leave placeholders for images that I haven’t taken yet. This gives me a good sense of how my feed will look. My rewardStyle app is where I tag my products and write my caption. On occasion, I write my captions in notes on my iPhone.. 

Do you think it’s ever too late to start blogging? Who motivated you to finally start?

No, look at me. I’m a prime example, it’s never too late. I procrastinated long enough and literally was paralyzed with fear. I knew I was sitting on my passions and dreams. And not doing the things, I’ve always wanted to do. So you just have to do IT! 

If you have been on Instagram for any amount of time. You are probably familiar with influencer/blogger Kyrzayda Rodriguez @kyrzayda_, she passed away in 2018. She was my biggest inspiration and motivation

How do you find such cool places to shoot in Atlanta?

I literally drive around the city, research online and ask around. My photographers share some cool places on occasion. I like to shoot at different locations. You know I love murals, so whenever I find more great ones, I’m dying to shoot there. I will dive more about this subject in more detail on my “Atlanta” segment on the blog. Here I discuss all things Atlanta.

How did you grow your hair so long?

Believe it or not, I get asked this question online and in person more than you ever could imagine. Many people think my hair is a weave or wig. I had one lady tell “Baby you are too dark to have that beautiful hair”. Honestly, I’ve gotten this my entire life. Never figured out why my hair was such a big deal. I’ve been natural for the last 10 years or so. I did a mini chop in 2010, due to all the heat damage caused by stylists who only cared about straighten my hair but not making sure it was healthy. I cut off all the bad stuff and started embracing my natural curls. Once I cut it, it started growing like crazy. I use a professional stylist who takes awesome care of my hair. I didn’t straighten it out to much before but lately I have. I will start rocking my curls during the hotter months of the year.