Hey there! It’s only fitting to write about a place some call the A, ATL, Hotlanta. Georgia Peach transplant here! Atlanta, I call home. Beautiful city I love, but say NO to the traffic.

I have a confession to make, I love ART and color. Well, you probably already noticed from all my colored content. There is something special about vibrant colored walls that just speaks to my SOUL. Honestly, it stems from my childhood and my love for color in general. I remember not being such a great art student early on, but I loved drawing anyways. Yes, it was a HOT mess! My fascination with coloring books and crayon started a long time ago. I had the 120 pack or was it the 125 pack? I can’t remember exactly. Do they still sell those huge boxes of crayon? Excuse me, I’m carried away talking about my childhood memories.

As I got older, I honed my skills at drawing and sketching. My friend Dyanner and I would sketch out beautiful colored gowns. We wanted to become fashion designers. Oh boy, I don’t know why I didn’t follow that path. Well, I will discuss that one later! I can’t remember when my love for art, paintings started but I must admit now I’m obsessed.  

Little Five Points

Since the launch of Array of Faces, it has surprised me to discover so many murals, colored walls and street art. The city has such a rich colored history with art around every corner from small to large. My very first photo shoot was in an area called Little Five Points. Little Five Points is a really fun and hip neighborhood in Atlanta! Just an array of color and art. The streets are filled with record stores, vintage clothing shops, and hip bars and restaurants. Many describe it as a hipster neighborhood in Atlanta. This little funky place is just a few miles from downtown. One cool thing about Little Five Points I love is all the hip street art filling the streets and buildings. Of course, the vintage thrift stores are my favorites too.

My addiction for finding street art was in full swing and it was my number one mission. I found myself for ever photoshoot, I was on the hunt and became accustomed to people asking, “where’s this wall?” I even had my friends searching for cool ones too. 

Castleberry Hill

Castleberry Hill is another vibrant area in the city with a plethora amount of street art, graffiti and colored walls. The neighborhood is riddled with early 20th warehouse buildings, converted into lofts and apartments. There are restaurants, art galleries, bars and cool spots for the locals and visitors to hang out every day of the week. You will see a Star sightings or two. Many films, music videos and TV shows are shot in and around this area. I found some of my favorites below.


With curiosity landed me right in the midst of Downtown Atlanta. It has much more graffiti than anything. Murals and street art tucked away behind buildings, hidden near and even on top of dumpsters. I have tell you it was bit scary, well lets’ say interesting. I live in the burbs so it was definitely a little culture shock. Nevertheless, it’s the downtown so what more should be expected of downtown. I love urban living though, my dream one day is move to the city.

Entire look thrifted


Edgewood is another historical area in the Atlanta to find so much street art, murals and graffiti.  Home of Dr. Martin Luther King, the world reowned Ebenzer Baptist Church and Auburn Avenue; Edgewood is a perfect reflection of Atlanta’s culture with its’ strong African American history.  I found more graffiti walls hidden all over this area. Here are some of them I couldn’t resist doing what I do! Can you tell I use to hate taking pictures? Ask my mother…(smiles)……

Krog Street

Krog Street is another area in the Atlanta with street art and murals. Literally a few blocks from the city, this area is the place to be. Artists from all over the world, fill the street with art and murals. The street art is changed out periodically with different themes. I shoot content in this area early mornings or on Sundays because it is super popular on the weekends.

Atlanta Beltline

I can’t say enough about the Atlanta Beltline. Well, what is the Beltline? The Atlanta Beltline is a redevelopment that has literally transformed the city. With over 22 miles of multi-use trails, modern streetcar, parks, lofts, apartments, restaurants, and shopping – all based on railroad corridors that formerly encircled Atlanta, of course. it is amazing, so I run, walk, ride scooter and bike on the Beltline coupled with shooting content. I love this area of the city. Here are a few of more favorites:

If you live in Atlanta or not, I hope this inspires you to get out and explore your city. Take in all the art and beautiful colors all around you.


October 12, 2019

Murals, Street Art and Colored Walls in Atlanta| Vol. 1

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  1. Cherry says:

    I love street murals as well. Anytime you are in the Miami area, check out Wynwood, their murals are amazing too!!!

  2. Sharron says:

    Yes, I heard so much about Wynwood. I can’t wait to visit Miami again.